Paraliterary text: T-S Ar.21.109

Paraliterary text T-S Ar.21.109


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Bifolium. One folio is a Judaeo-Arabic translation of Exodus 21:1-17, 27:20-28. The other folio is magical instructions in Arabic script. The first few lines of the first page read, "The figure of a person with two wings, and in his hand is [...], and under his leg is a snake, and behind the seal (?). . . . Repeat the prayer/incantation and the incense(?) many times. . . ." There is a small diagram possibly containing an epsilon and a delta. There are astrological references as well (al-kawākib, al-saʿd).The first line of verso mentions "the female gods and the male," the third line mentions the knowledge of all the angels, and the lower part of the page might contain a recipe for incense involving chrysanthemum (zahr al-uqḥuwān). This page is the last of the treatise. Needs further examination. (FGP describes this as "Arabic letter on ritual slaughter.") ASE.