Letter: T-S Ar.19.22

Letter T-S Ar.19.22

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Letter from a family member to a son or brother. In Arabic script. Dating: Probably late Mamluk or early Ottoman-era (based on handwriting, format, linguistic features). Mentions al-muʿallim Ibrāhīm Ibn al-Ṣawwāf and Ismāʿīl; the addressee's mother sends her greetings and says "by the [breast?] which you nursed, don't let her die in the presence of [...]." The addressee's sister Laṭīfa has had a baby boy, and she sends her greetings. As for the letter which the addressee sent concerning Jumayʿ(?) and the ghulām of the qāḍī Shams al-Dīn, "nothing of what you said is true." The letter concludes with greetings to various people, including the addressee's wife (zawjatak) and family (ahl baytak).