Letter: T-S Ar.18(1).48

Letter T-S Ar.18(1).48



Letter in Judaeo-Arabic dealing with the book trade. In a slightly crude hand with some orthographic features more usual for later Classical Judaeo-Arabic letter writing, although the formulae and vocabulary used points to the 11th-12th century. What remains of recto is almost entirely formulaic but contains interesting phrases such as "may your star shine opposite you (wa-yuḍī' kawkabuhu ḥidhāhu)." On verso, the writer mentions Sālim (?) and a sale of 50 dirhams' worth of books. Then, "Among the books that I found for you from him: Raḥamim (?), a grammar, a commentary on Job, a composition on love and companionship and passion, a nice siddur. . . ." The writer also discusses 8 maṣāḥif, and says that the dīwān was not among the books he found. Also mentions a dictionary, a Mishna, and a prayer book. (Information in part from CUDL.)

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