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Accounts in Arabic script with names and numbers arranged in neat columns. Needs examination. The space around this document has been filled with Judaeo-Arabic text going in all directions. Most of the Judaeo-Arabic is calendrical reckoning. But in the middle of the page: "Ibn Abū l-Faḍl al-Parnas died on 25 Tishrei 603 AH / 4967 AM," which is 1206 CE. On verso, the page is filled with a Hebrew panegyric to a certain Shelomo b. Yehuda (line 28) (if this is the famous 11th century gaon, 150 years would have to have elapsed between the poem and the Judaeo-Arabic text on the other side; though this could conceivably be a copy of an earlier poem). In the margins there are Arabic letters strung together in magical chains. In between the antepenultimate line and the penultimate line of the Hebrew poetry it says in Judaeo-Arabic "the number is 60 verses." At the very bottom, in Arabic script: al-ḥurūf al-nāṭiqa sabʿa ("the 'speaking letters' are 7"), which is followed by 7 letters that appear to be Coptic. ASE

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