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Letter. Possibly from Naṣr or Nuṣayr (v19) to some dignitary (sayyidnā, Mordekhai ha-Zeman). In Judaeo-Arabic. Fragment. Dating: Late 12th century, based on the mention of Abū Zikrī b. ʿAṭiyya who also appears in 1182 CE in JRL Series B 3858. The subject of the letter is hard to discern since so much is missing. However, it is mostly about legal thickets involving an orphan girl, an untrustworthy Muslim named ʿAbd al-Ḥamīd, a dead person, his niece, and several ambiguous other people, how the writer is seen as meddlesome and knows more than he's supposed to know, and how he wants the addressee to intervene, including by making sure the case is brought to court in Alexandria. ASE.

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