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Letter T-S 12.703


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Letter from a community in an unknown location addressed to the community in Fustat. Fragment: bottom part only. In Hebrew. Written by a scribe. The preserved text conveys greetings to the the head of the Academy Maṣliaḥ. The date is added in a different hand. Dated: Elul [4]893 AM, which is 1133 CE. Signed by: Yaʿaqov b. Moshe ha-Kohen; Yisrael b. Ṭoviyya; Naḥum b. ʿEzra; Moshe b. Avraham the judge; Shemuel b. Avraham ha-Kohen; and Matitya b. Moshe Palermi (=from Palermo). On parchment. AA

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