Letter: T-S 12.498

Letter T-S 12.498


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In PGP since 2020


Recto: Letter (or copy of a letter) in Hebrew, mentioning Hamadan in the antepenultimate line, and perhaps written there. The scribe signed his name, but the first part is faded: [...] b. Yiṣḥaq ha-Sefaradi. Underneath the signature, in different hands, in Judaeo-Persian and Hebrew: "The copy of the letter (nāme) of Efrayim [...], written by Toviyya b. [...]."; "The copy of the letter (nāme) of Efrayim b. ʿAzaryahu with nothing added or subtracted, written by Bū l-Faraj b. B[???]"; And then, "This is the copy of the letter (īn noskhe-ye nāme) of Efrayim. . . ." It is unclear if these statements relate to the letter above signed by [...] b. Yiṣḥaq ha-Sefaradi. Verso: In a different hand from all the hands on recto, a text in Hebrew. Unclear if it relates to recto. The whole document requires further examination. May be a join with T-S 24.52. ASE. OH.