Letter: T-S 12.436

Letter T-S 12.436


Letter to the son/boy R. Elazar, from Yusuf the brother of Mansur. About three-fourths of recto is taken up with self-pitying expressions of how sad and anxious Yusuf is to have received only one letter from Elazar, and how he will die in his distress and old age, and how a letter would heal his heart, and how hard it is to see other children with their parents. The subject of the letter is damaged. It mentions someone or something in the house of Rabbi Yusuf the brother of Musa, the addressee's in-law. Istanbul is mentioned (so post-1453? the language and script also support a late date). The economy is depressed. The writer sends regards to his wife and to his son. "If you ask about me, I am in good health. . . . From the day I got off the boat at Bulak (בולאך?!), I have been well." He sends regards to a long list of people at the end, including Ya'qub and his son; a Jerusalemite woman and a female teacher (Hanna?) and her son; the physician Pinhas; Yehudah Karat (?); everyone who asks about him; everyone in his family and their wives. ASE.