Letter: T-S 12.432

Letter T-S 12.432



Recto: Letter (upper part). Line 7: "As for the matter of the [..]ar, I asked Abu l-Ḥasan about it, and he said that he talked to Yusuf who went to the mistress of the nursing (or wet nurse) slave," who apparently demanded an exorbitant price for her ("she is worth half of these figures"). As for Tawfiq, he had a terrible quarrel with his maternal aunt. She arrived on the same Shabbat as the son of the judge. After the unpleasant events, she went to stay with Abu l-Ḥasan, but she cannot stay there "because of what you know about the women [of the household]." "As for Ḥujrah [another female slave?], it is not possible to [...] to her while her masters are absent." He encourages the addressee or Abu l-Barakat to come soon. The letter cuts off around here. Verso: writing exercises. ASE.