Letter: T-S 12.426

Letter T-S 12.426


Input date

In PGP since 2020


Letter from Ya'qub to his mother (שקר בנת מבחל?) in Cairo, mainly assuring her that everyone is doing well. Isḥāq recently arrived from the writer's brother, and he and Furayj are doing well. Shemuel the son of the merchant and the writer's wife have also arrived. He asks his mother to assure Shemuel's wife that Shemuel is doing well, and Shemuel's wife's sister (Marḥaba or Muraḥḥaba) that her husband Faraj Allāh is doing well. He says to show this letter to Hārūn the teacher. The bottom of recto and the top of verso are torn off. He sends regards to his cousin (bint khālatī). The name ʿAfifa is written a few lines below the end of the letter. ASE.