Letter: T-S 12.407

Letter T-S 12.407



Letter fragment. Only a small part of the first few lines of recto are preserved—addressing Sayyidnā al-Rayyis al-Ajall Ra's al-Kull (Rosh Kallah)—along with 4 full lines of upside down text in the upper margin. The writer quotes Micah 5:8 to the effect that Sayyidnā should vanquish his enemies. Someone has told the writer "many things, and he is among those who are pure in their love for you. Likewise, I inform you that I have many people from Gaza who have become pure in their love for you." The Arabic address is mostly preserved. The writer is located in Cairo but is not named. The recipient is given all the same titles as on recto ("حضرة سيدنا الرئيس الاجل راس الكل") and is then named, but the name is difficult to read. T-S AS 160.400 (PGPID 18809) and T-S 12.407 (PGPID 19964) appear to be in the same hand and may join indirectly. ASE.