Letter: T-S 12.255

Letter T-S 12.255


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In PGP since 2020


Letter in Judaeo-Arabic to Hananyah ha-Kohen from "his son" Abu l-Ḥasan. After a flattering introduction, the body of the letter begins about halfway down the page. He reports that were it not for the Shaykh Abū l-Faḍl al-Dāʿī, he would have been in trouble (?) (קטע אמרנה = אמרנא) over 2.5 dinars . He was imprisoned for one day until Abu Saʿīd al-Tinnīsī bailed him out on Friday night. Abu l-Ḥasan begs Hananyah to send him his circumcision knife without delay. He sends regards to his father Abū Naṣr, to Abū l-Ḥasan and Abū l-Khayr and Abū Saʿīd and his cousin. Abu Manṣūr and his son send their regards. ASE.