Letter: T-S 12.230

Letter T-S 12.230



Respectful note to Eliyyahu the Raṣuy of both Yeshivot, informing him of the writer's safe arrival, and how the first thing he did was to report to the house of the Nagid Mevorakh b. Saadya. Along with Mevorakh's usual impressive titulature, he is styled "sar ha-sarim" and "deputy of the king of Egypt" (I.e. the vizier al-Afḍal). "Quite likely, at the time of Mevorakh's restoration, al-Afḍal honored him with the high-sounding Arabic title, ra'īs al-ru'asā', held by the Coptic patriarch, and the Jews, taking cognizance of their leaders exalted status in the government, translated it into its Hebrew equivalent, sar ha-sarim." Cohen, Jewish Self-Government, p. 221. ASE.

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