Letter: T-S 12.142

Letter T-S 12.142


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Letter from Toviyya b. Eli ha-Kohen to his cousin Natan b. Shelomo ha-Kohen, seeking to mollify him, possibly for Toviyya's failure to reimburse him in a timely manner. "It will arrive next week. You know the vow I swore regarding the lamb (? al-khurayyif), and let this not be something that distresses you, for your magnanimity is greater than this, and it distresses me that it weighed upon your soul." He then mentions something Natan had had sent with Abū Ṣāliḥ on Hol ha-Moed. Toviyya sends his regards, as does his sister, and Abū l-Maʿālī and his mother.