Letter: CUL Or.1081 J72

Letter CUL Or.1081 J72



Late and unusual letter in Judaeo-Arabic to the writer's brother Faraj Allāh. The writer opens with greetings to a large number of family members and friends. He has sent 5 chickens, a pair of pigeons, blue and white yarn, white buttons, and colored silk. Faraj Allāh is instructed to sell these only to Jews in the ḥārah, not to any goyim. The people greeted at the beginning (after the brother Faraj Allāh) include: the writer's sister; the boy Manṣūr and the boy Yūsuf; the writer's maternal aunt; the teacher Shemuel; the boy Faraj Allāh; the (female) teacher Qamr; the (female) teacher Sawād; Umm Sulaymān and her daughter ʿAzīzah; the son and wife of his maternal uncle; the neighbors; Manṣūr Dayyān and his mother and wife and children.