Letter: CUL Or.1081 J51

Letter CUL Or.1081 J51



Most of a letter in Judaeo-Arabic, probably from the Levant, to a dignitary in Fusṭāṭ. It begins by extolling the favor (iḥsān) that the Amīr ʿAlā al-Dīn b. ʿAlam Dār (or Alemdar = "the standard-bearer") bestowed upon the writer. "It was he who was our friend in Damascus." The amir was very sad to say farewell to the writer. The writer then asks the addressee to convey his regards and obedience to David [Maimonides?] the Great Nagid. He also sends regards to ʿOvadya and al-Shaykh Munajjā "and the rest of the masters"; al-Asʿad Abū Saʿd al-Ṣayrafī and his father; al-Makīn Abū l-ʿIzz and his brother Fakhr al-Dawla, the bankers (al-ṣayārif), the sons of the late al-Rashīd Abū l-Faḍl and others. Possibly an indirect join (or related): JRL SERIES B 3688 (PGPID 28595) and CUL Or.1081 J51 (PGPID 19879).