Letter: CUL Or.1080 4.47

Letter CUL Or.1080 4.47



Letter from Daniel Levi Mondolfo to Avraham Krispin. In Ladino. Dating: 18th or 19th century. The sender signs his name in both Hebrew script and Latin script. He discusses previous correspondence between his location and Fustat/Cairo. Mentions his brother-in-law Efrayim, Se. סיוואיגרו, and Se. טילקי. Today, Yisrael Nunes received a shipment of garments, and he will send what was ordered as soon as the items are unloaded from the ship, along with the tobacco. On verso there is the remnant of a seal (red wax?) and part of the address, of which only the word Rashīd (Rosetta) is preserved. ASE.