Literary text: CUL Or.1080 4.27

Literary text CUL Or.1080 4.27


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Recto: The first page from an Arabic literary work, copied in Judaeo-Arabic in a late hand. The book seems to be a guide to witty conversation, and it is called "Kitāb al-Dahqana lil-ʿUqūl fī ʿIlm al-Faqhana wa-l-Dukhūl" = כתאב אלדהקנה ללעקול פי עלם אלפקהנה ואלדכול = كتاب الدهقنة للعقول في علم الفقهنة والدخول. The words "dahqana" and "faqhana" are respectively unusual and made-up. It is unclear whether this book has survived. Verso: Accounts in Judaeo-Arabic for deals involving livestock as well as some other jottings in Hebrew and Judaeo-Arabic.