Letter: CUL Or.1080 15.19

Letter CUL Or.1080 15.19



Letter in Spanish with columns of numerical calculations at bottom that appears to be dated 5 Tamuz 5437 or July 5 1677CE (the "4" is faint and must be read at 140-200% zoom with high contrast on FGP). The fragment's verso folio is in fact the first page of the letter and that's where the dated heading appears which also indicates the letter's place of recording as Damietta/Dimyat. Just before the calculations begin, "ermano Aron de Abram" is mentioned in what may indicate familial ties to the fragment's author (l. 14r). In lines 8-9r, "en comienda" as separate words is mentioned for example in the phrase: "dara la inclusa con mil en comiendas. Below the accounts one "rais Fattiah" is mentioned, likely with the tile "rais" to indicate his status as a ship captain. MCD.