Literary text: Halper 454

Literary text Halper 454


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Recipes in Judaeo-Arabic and Hebrew. "Number of lines varies according to content; text breaks in fols. 1-3 denoted by three puncti; 1r remedies extracted from dogs, from foxes, in Hebrew, starting סגולות השועל; 1v remedies extracted from ducks. in Hebrew; 2r two paragraphs of cures, in Judeo-Arabic; 2v record of words, maybe a magical chant, in Aramaic; 3r instructions in Judeo-Arabic for the preparation of different remedies, followed by Hebrew instructions for the preparation of an amulet, engraved into a heart; 4r in a different hand; contains instructions in Hebrew for preparing parchment for a Torah Scroll. Headed: עיבוד גויל של ספר תורה מן מעשה. The term מעשה usually infers a unit of transmitted practical Halakhah, most common among the literature of the Erets Israeli tradition. This too is not written as a Halakhic monograph, but rather as a recipe, in second person format:תקח עפץ. This is a complete, distinct essay, ending towards bottom of recto: תם תם; 4v (in the same hand as recto) contains the same, in Judeo-Arabic. The heading: הדא עמל אלריק." Information from Penn catalog.

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