Letter: Halper 426

Letter Halper 426



Letter in Hebrew and Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: Late 17th or early 18th century. Mention is made (ll. 17, 21, 25) of The Nazir Joseph ha-Levi (d. 1713), an emissary from Hebron who settled in Cairo and served as the head of its court. In his responsa Mate Yosef, (Istanbul, 1717-1726) he is often approached to deal with questions related to collection emissaries ([ש[לוחי] דר[בנן) (A. Yaʻari: Sheluḥe Erets Yiśraʾel / Abraham Yaari. Jerusalem : Mosad ha-Rav Ḳuḳ, 1977, p. 932). Also mentioned is an agent collecting for Safed named Ḥayim Ravuaḥ (l. 13). One of the subjects here is the issue of the transmission of a divorce bill. Information from FGP.

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