Letter: Halper 401

Letter Halper 401


Letter from David b. Shekhanya to David b. Yiṣḥaq ha-Levi, an elder of the Qaraites in Fustat and a protector of the Jews in the court of the Caliph. The letter is in Hebrew rhymed prose or poetry. It sings the praises of the addressee but does not seem to ask for any immediate favor. The writer served as the court scribe and clerk under Efrayim ben Shemarya, in the Palestinian Synagogue fo Fustat and appears on court documents dated 1020–24 (see E. Bareqet, Shafrir Mitsraim, 1995, p. 122–23; Fustat on the Nile, Leiden, 1999, pp. 161–62). Biographical notes on David ha-Levi, the addressee, were collected by Samuel Miklos Stern, Revue des études juives, v. 128 (1969), p. 209–10. Information from FGP.

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