Legal document: Halper 374

Legal document Halper 374


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Ketubba. Dated: Friday, 19 Adar 2203 Seleucid = 18 March 1892 CE. Location: Al-Maḥābisha in northwest Yemen, also known as Quzayyiz, near the lake or well al-Qaṭf. Groom: Ḥayyim b. Sulaymān. Bride: Shamʿa bt. Dā'ūd. Currency: silver qifla (pl. qifāl) dirhams, "according to the established weight among the Ṣanʿānī goldsmiths which is known for silver in the city of Ṣanʿāʾ in the market of the goldsmiths." Witnesses: Saʿīd b. Sulaymān Najjār and Yaḥya b. Saʿīd Kabbāsī. (Information in part from FGP.) Might not be from the Cairo Geniza.