Legal document: Halper 341 + Halper 348

Legal document Halper 341 + Halper 348


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Recto: bottom of a marriage contract (ketubba). Groom: Yosef b. Shelomo. Bride: Karīmā bt. Nuṣayr known as Elʿazar. The end of her dowry list is preserved, including a black female slave valued at 30 dinars. The scribe and one of the witnesses is Yosef b. Elʿazar b. ha-Shofeṭ (who also signed T-S NS J269, dated December 29, 1066). Numerous other witnesses signed, including Ḥalfon b. Mevorakh, and Yehuda b. Moshe ha-Ḥazzan (who also signed T-S 16.47 + T-S NS 300.21 (PGPID 9226)). Verso: four different blocks of dense text, most in poetic, rhyming Hebrew lines. Join by Goitein.