Legal document: DK AS 3

Legal document DK AS 3


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One folio cut widthwise into two halves. Written by various Yemenite hands. As 3\1 One side (ab) of the folio, slightly missing from one edge. Part a: A short legal(?) document about the high price of grains in Ṣanʿāʾ. Deals particularly with the astrological causes of the famine in the year 194[.] Seleucid, which corresponds to a year in the range 1628–38 CE. Part b: Under the Title "מחזור ..", Jewish calendar prototypes: years coded מש"ה; הש"א. In a different hand, larger characters. AS 3\2 One side (cd) of the folio, probably its primary usage. A Commentary on an Unknown Talmudic Treatise on the Laws of Prohibited Marriage Originally two columns, one the subject and the other the commentary, each written by a different hand. The full width of the commentary column, and half of the subject column, are extant, missing from the bottom. (DK CATALOGUE)