Legal document: Bodl. MS heb. f 61/53

Legal document Bodl. MS heb. f 61/53


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Bill of divorce (get). Location: Fustat. Dated: Probably Av 1[48]5 Seleucid, which is 1174 CE, based on the presence of signatures of both Shemuel b. Seʿadya ha-Levi (active 1165–1203) and Mevorakh. b. Natan (active 1150–81) Husband: Abū l-Ḥasan b. Salāma. Wife: Ḥusn bt. Abū l-Yumn. Signed: Yaʿaqov ha-Kohen b. Yosef; Shemuel ha-Levi b. Seʿadya. The attestation on verso that the wife received the get is signed by Shemuel ha-Levi b. Seʿadya and Mevorakh b. Natan.

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