Letter: Bodl. MS heb. f 103/46

Letter Bodl. MS heb. f 103/46

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Letter or 2 letters. The handwriting is different between recto and verso, which suggests that one might be the response to the other. The letter on recto is very damaged. The writer reports on items that he sent with Avraham, including a fūṭa. He mentions Sulaymān and Abū l-Ḥasan and Yosef and Abū Saʿīd. The letter on verso is from Bū Saʿīd b. Yefet to his son Abū l-Ḥasan (even though this is not the usual placement of the address, the handwriting matches). Mentions a woman and some codices and perhaps paper (if כאגץ is an alternate spelling of كاغذ). This side was later reused for Hebrew poetry.

Bodl. MS heb. f 103/46 46 recto

46 recto



Bodl. MS heb. f 103/46 46 verso

46 verso
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