List or table: Bodl. MS heb. e 103/13

List or table Bodl. MS heb. e 103/13


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Two legal notes, amidst sundry other jottings, mostly calendrical (including the names of months in both Hebrew and Romance—perhaps Ladino). The first note states that R. Eliezer Griego repaid 300 levanim out of his debt to R. Shem Ṭov. The second note states that Shem Ṭov invested 1000 levanim with the youth Yaʿaqov who will conduct business with the money 'at half profit' for a period of 1 year beginning today, Friday, 4 Sivan 5258 AM, which is 1498 CE. The name Yiṣḥaq Ḥazzan appears below, likely as a witness. On verso there is an elaborate signature of a certain Shelomo. It is not immediately clear whether Bodl. MS heb. e 103/13 belongs together with Bodl. MS heb. e 103/10–12 or not.

Bodl. MS heb. e 103/13 13 verso

13 verso



Bodl. MS heb. e 103/13 13 recto

13 recto
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