Legal document: Bodl. MS heb. e 103/10–12

Legal document Bodl. MS heb. e 103/10–12


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Book list in Ladino. On the last page of a literary midrashic work in Hebrew. "These are the books I bought here in Patras (Greece), it is good to know(?)" (אישטוש שון ליש לוברוש קי מירקי אקי אין פאטראש קון בייני אשאביר). Dating: Possibly ca. 1498 CE, if this belongs together with the next fragment. Entries include: Naḥmanides; Sefer ha-Agur; Ibn ʿEzra; Kad ha-Qemaḥ; Sefer Miṣvot ha-Qaṣar; commentary on the Moreh by אפ״ד; two books of liquṭim; a commentary on something ("the first book" or perhaps "the razon"?) of Avicenna and other matters; a commentary on the Higayon of Maimonides with other selections; the Intentions of the Philosophers (Kavanot ha-Pilosofim, the Hebrew translation of Maqāṣid al-Falāsifa) by "Abū Ḥamid" (=al-Ghazālī); an introduction to logic; the laws of Yom Kippur (or from Masekhet Yoma); Moshe Narboni's commentary on the Intentions of the Philosophers; Iggeret ha-Musar; Sefer ha-Malmad (of Jacob Anatoli); the book of Ibn Shuʿayb; Ḥovot ha-Levavot; and a few more. ASE