Legal document: Bodl. MS heb. d 66/86

Legal document Bodl. MS heb. d 66/86


Legal document. The case involves a house worth 75 dinars and an orphan boy who has yet to come of age. People named include Mevorakh b. Yisrael and Hārūn and Abū Naṣr Ghālib b. Moshe ha-Kohen. There are many witnesses (which should facilitate precise dating): Avraham b. David; Yehoshuaʿ b. Natan; Natan b. Sasson; [...] ha-Mumḥe b. Natan Av Bet Din; ʿAyyāsh b. Nissim; [...] ha-Levi b. Shela; and [...] ha-Mumḥe.

Bodl. MS heb. d 66/86 86 recto

86 recto



Bodl. MS heb. d 66/86 86 verso

86 verso
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