Letter: Bodl. MS heb. c 72/15

Letter Bodl. MS heb. c 72/15



Letter. In Hebrew. Ṣedaqa Nes or Nīs (ניס), in Syracuse (שראקוסה), writes to Moshe b. Yehuda, in Alexandria. Dating: Last quarter of the 15th century, based on the associated fragments. Same writer and addressee: Bodl. MS heb. c 72/14, 72/15, 72/17, and 72/38. The writer may be identical with the Ṣedaqa mentioned in Bodl. MS heb. c 72/10 and 14. Subject: Business, including in ammonium chloride (nushādir), soap or soapwort (ṣābūn/borit), and copper (nuḥās/neḥoshet). Ṣedaqa also conveys his concern for Moshe's illness. In a postscript, he writes, "Cut out this small letter and give it to the sister מכ״ת . . the bringing in of the bride, 'And I will bless those who bless you.' And give the other one to Yosef." Information from Avraham David's edition via FGP. ASE.