Letter: Bodl. MS Heb. c 13/5

Letter Bodl. MS Heb. c 13/5


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Family letter in Ladino. "To my mother-in-law in the place of my mother, after I and your daughter Rica kiss your hands: know how astonished we are that after your departure you have not sent us a single letter or an inquiry after our health, knowing how you left us heartbroken on account of your departure. If I had found someone with whom to send my letters, I would have sent you more than two letters. For this reason, we beg you, I and my wife, that with the first person who comes, please write to us of your health. Peace. Many greetings from me and from my wife to the very honorable Yosef Jayan (?) and to your [presumably here addressing Yosef] very honorable wife Doña Esther. Many greetings from my sister Qamar. [From] he who kisses your hand like your own son, ʿOvadya Dichachi (?)." ASE

Bodl. MS Heb. c 13/5 6 recto

6 recto


Bodl. MS Heb. c 13/5 6 verso

6 verso
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