Letter: BL OR 5561B.22 + BL OR 5561B.23

Letter BL OR 5561B.22 + BL OR 5561B.23



Letter from Daniel ha-Levi, in Damascus, to someone important named Natan. Late. In Hebrew. The letter has to do with a man named Binyamin Fā'ina (? פאינה) who moved to Egypt some years ago. Rumors returned that he had converted to Christianity (or were Muslims also referred to as 'arelim?). His parents were very worried until he wrote to assure them that he was living in peace and tranquility. Daniel asks Natan to send this Binyamin back home to his parents so that they can be even more reassured. Binyamin's parents are related to the writer; the mother is the daughter of the late rabbi Yosef Kannawi (? כנאוי). BL OR 5561B.23 is the envelope/address. ASE.