Legal document: BL OR 5561B.17

Legal document BL OR 5561B.17


Recto: Legal document(s). Location: Fustat/Cairo. Dated: 14 Sivan 5547 AM, which is 1787 CE. ʿIsqa agreement. The investor may be referred to only as "maʿalat ha-khediv." The active partner is Yosef b. ʿOvadya ha-Levi known as Khayyāṭ, who receives 50 Abū Ṭāqa (=baṭāqa) reals, 1 real pegged to 90 medins. The period of the partnership is 14 Sivan through the end of Elul. There is an addendum, unclear if or how it is related. It refers to brothers who had to pay a woman 1 real a week, but this obligation was nullified by the sale of the 'vessels,' and now the document called a תמוסוך is null and void; the woman says she doesn't know where it is, so it can't be torn up, so it is annulled in writing here instead. There are no witness signatures underneath this section.