Legal document: BL OR 5554A.47 + BL OR 5554A.48

Legal document BL OR 5554A.47 + BL OR 5554A.48

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Legal document from Damietta [אי כפתור], dated the [2]7th of Tishrei 1467 Seleucid = 25 September 1155 CE, narrated in the voice of a woman (judging by ואנא קאעדה in the last line of recto). The writer tells how she returned from the synagogue and found the daughters of the sister of Abū l-Faḍl b. al-Ṣabbāgh in her house. One of them (her brother's widow?) claimed that the Dāʿī told her that the writer's brother had left three notebooks in her house (belonging to him?). The next day, the writer went to the wife of Abū l-Riḍā, who told her, "my husband the Dāʿī is a good man, don't hide anything from." So she handed over the key, and the Dāʿī and Abū ʿAlī [b.] Ḥassūn went up and ransacked her library and made off with 17 notebooks. BL OR 5554A.48 is either the continuation of this document or a different document related to the same case (mentions several of the same names and is also dated the 27th of Tishrei 1155 CE). ASE.