List or table: BL OR 13153.7

List or table BL OR 13153.7



Recto: (a) List of names in Judaeo-Arabic: Isḥāq b. Khulayf; Khalfa b. Ismāʿīl; Hiba b. Mūsā; ʿImrān b. Mufarrij; Lu'lu'a bt. Ḥalfon. (b) Draft of a letter in Arabic script addressed to an amir. Containing only the opening blessings. Verso: Accounts in Arabic script (with one word in Judaeo-Arabic). Headed by a basmala. Itemizing funeral expenses such as coffin (tābūt), gravedigging (ḥafr qabr), "reception" (qubūl). Most are on the order of 1–2 dinars. ASE