List or table: BL OR 10794.13

List or table BL OR 10794.13



Memorial list for distinguished (meyuḥasot) families including: Shemaryahu ha-Ḥaver Nin ha-Geonim and his two sons including Yoshiyahu; Ghālib ha-Zaqen and his son Mevorakh and his son Ghālib who died young; R. Naḥum (?) and R. Ḥalfon and R. Yaḥyā and his three sons, Avraham, Yefet and Shelomo and his son Yaḥyā who died young and his wife; Yosef ha-Parnas and his son Yefet ha-Rofe ... and his son Yeḥezqel. Written on a reused state document (see PGPID 35347).