Legal document: BL OR 10589.3

Legal document BL OR 10589.3



Recto: Document in Arabic script recording the settling of a business account (wafāʾ), perhaps what al-Thiqa owed to Barakāt b. Salāma. Dated: 12 Muḥaram '47 AH, probably 447 AH, which would be 1055 CE. (There is also a Barakāt b. Salāma mentioned in Halper 468, an 11th-century document.) Mentions specific commodities (including al-kābulī = chebulic myrobalan) and many details about brokerage and agents' fees. Needs further examination. Verso: Accounts in Arabic script (different hand). Names (e.g. Abū Ṭāhir, Jawhar) listed alongside sums of money; also mentions 'simsār' or the trade agent/broker.