Letter: Mingana 16

Letter Mingana 16



7 fragments. Fol. 1 a legal deed in Ladino. Fol. 2 a letter in Ladino from Shlomo Tapyero שלמה טאפיירו. Fol. 3 a commentary on Mishna, Ketubot 1:1, in Hebrew. Fol. 4 a letter by Aharon di-Lucena in Ladino. Fol 5. Midrash on Parashat va-Yigash, in Hebrew. Fol. 6 a business letter from Avraham Arfol ארפולfrom Cairo to his business partner Shemuel Kohen Dabah דבח from Rashid. Mid 15th century. Fol 7 a list of items and prices in Judeo Arabic. AA