Letter: ENA 2808.25 + T-S AS 148.117

Letter ENA 2808.25 + T-S AS 148.117



Recto: Letter in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe to his 'brother' Abū Naṣr. In Judaeo-Arabic. Mentions a previous rebuke; the arrival of the physician today; possibly medically-induced vomiting (...[isti]frāgh min kull budd allāh yajʿal al-ʿāqiba...); 20 dirhams; and something he needs. Concludes with petition-like phrases of deference and asking for help. Join: Alan Elbaum. Verso: Probably the response from Abū Naṣr, stating that the order has arrived, and he was distressed at the news, and probably that he will act on it. Verso also contains several words in Arabic script from an earlier state document, see separate record (PGPID 35377)

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