Letter: T-S AS 150.90

Letter T-S AS 150.90

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Recto: Communal/official letter in Judaeo-Arabic, likely from the office of the head of the Jews to a local leader. Only scattered words and phrases are preserved (translations uncertain): "...apostate... when you read this... you declare an excommunication... or cause for them... for them in any harm... and judg[e]... if there is any opposition from you... that you prevent that action..." Ends with the ʿalāma/motto עזרת מעוז, perhaps identifying this as from the office of the Gaʾon Sar Shalom ha-Levi (cf. T-S 10J24.7 + T-S 10J29.4 (PGPID 2971)). On verso there is either the beginning of a petition (a basmala then al-ʿabd al-mamlūk yu[qabbil]) with massive line spacing, or simply a draft of the first two lines. (Information in part from CUDL)

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