Legal document: Moss. VII,21.1

Legal document Moss. VII,21.1



Recto: Bill of divorce (geṭ). Location: Fustat. Dated: Sunday, 27 Nisan 1581 Seleucid = 20 April 1270 CE. Husband: ʿAzīz b. Ghanāʾim ha-Levi from [...]. Wife: Muwaffaqīya bt. Yosef ha-Levi from Fusṭāṭ. A space has been left for the husband’s home town, and the deed is unsigned. Written in the hand of ʿImmanuel b. Yeḥiel (active ca. 1231–79). Verso: draft of a legal document (or various documents) in Judaeo-Arabic with other jottings. One involves a sale made by a woman who has a son named Saʿīd. (Information mainly from CUDL.)

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