Legal document: T-S AS 154.1

Legal document T-S AS 154.1


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Verso: bottom part of a beautifully illuminated ketubba, signed by Yaʿaqov b. Simḥa. It seems to be too damaged to extract much of the content. Cf.T-S NS 323.25 (PGPID 25604). Recto: there are at least two distinct documents in Arabic script. The upper one may have been scraped off, perhaps in order to reuse the verso for the ketubba. The lower one is relatively well preserved. It is dated 6 Rabīʿ II 866 AH = 8 January 1462 CE. A woman (presumably the wife in the ketubba) acknowledges having received from her husband Hārūn (presumably the husband in the ketubba) her full ketubba payment (here called ṣadāq) and having no further claims against him. There are two witness signatures preserved, one of which is Yūsuf b. Khalaf al-Yahūdī. (Information in part from CUDL)

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