Letter: T-S AS 183.183

Letter T-S AS 183.183


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Letter fragment in Arabic script. Opening blessings (. . . الله عزها وادام تمكينها . . .), then possibly a query about a technical procedure involving white sugar (and alchemical ingredients? It may refer to "zāj" and "iksīr," but the "zāj" could also be "mizāj" and therefore more medical), and then a cryptic sentence: "... to my brain, and I need a bit of [...]...." Needs further examination. Reused on recto for a medical recipe. One portion may deal with feverish patients (assuming that 'ḥarāra' refers to the patient). Mentions rose water and possibly bread made from white flour. Different hand from the letter on verso; might be its answer. (Information in part from CUDL.)

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