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Bifolio of accounts. Two pages seem to be commercial accounts, mainly recording revenue, in a mixture of Judaeo-Arabic and some Arabic script, mentioning names such as Karīm, Nāṣir, Salāma, Ibn Sabra, Bū ʿUmar. The Ibn Sabra family is known from several 11th-century Geniza documents. (Information in part from CUDL.) The other two pages are written in Arabic script, with sparse Greek/Coptic numerals or other glyphs. These might be state-related, e.g., a mention (on fol. 2v) of 'the mutawallī al-ḥukm' (على ما رزق(؟) بدخول متولي الحكم من . . . في هذين الشهرين) or a section (bottom of fol. 1v) reading "Baramhāt: and the equipment(?) as usual in Ṭūba and Amshīr, from the knights: 16 soldiers" (برمهات والعدة على استقرارها في طوبة وامشير من الفرسان ستة عشر غلاما). Above, on the same page, there is a list of interesting names (of soldiers?), headed "asmāʾ, wa-hum:" Yūsuf b. Yūsuf; Naqīṭa(?) b. Badīs; Badīs al-[...]; Malīḥ(?) b. Dawrak(?); [...] al-Muwallad. "Badīs" suggests Berber or North African origin (e.g., the Berber regiment in Egypt).

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