List or table: T-S K3.41

List or table T-S K3.41



List of books in four columns, including biblical books, talmudic tractates, a ‘prayer’ by Saʿadya, the Siddur of al-Sijilmāsī, works by Abū l-Faraj אבן שחתל, commentaries on Genesis and Numbers, and Midrash Tanḥuma. With occasional descriptions of the type of script (e.g., ‘tiny script’, ‘red ink’). Information from CUDL. The handwriting is that of Moshe b. Levi ha-Levi (who incidentally is known to have worked briefly as a book dealer or copyist, see T-S Misc.28.140 and T-S 6J10.9, ed. Scheiber). Many of the books in the present list are described as "in my own handwriting" or "in the handwriting of my brother—I took it from our house." The brother is identified as Abu l-Ḥasan (i.e. Yedutun ha-Levi) in the last two lines of the left column of verso. See T-S NS 226.167 for a similar booklist in his hand (possibly but not clearly a join). ASE.

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