List or table: T-S AS 157.202

List or table T-S AS 157.202

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Recto: list of names in Judaeo-Arabic such as Qurrat al-ʿAyn, ʿUthmān Dhū l-Nūrayn ("the possessor of two lights," an epithet for ʿUthmān b. ʿAffān), Zubayr, Saʿd and Saʿīd. These are probably "the ten to whom Paradise was promised" (al-ʿashara al-mubashsharūn"), in which case the third line may read (Ṭalḥa) b. ʿUbayd Allāh and (Abū ʿUbayda Ibn al-)Jarrāḥ. Verso: list in Arabic script and Greek/Coptic numerals. (Information in part from CUDL)

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