List or table: T-S AS 153.257

List or table T-S AS 153.257



List, probably of tax or rent revenue. It describes the houses and apartments in a particular street darb al-Sadu[...], mentioning the house of the company of Abū l-Faḍāʾil, Ibn al-Qallād, Ḥus[ayn] b. Nathan, Umm Shām, the apartment of ʿAlī al-Labbān, apartments of Christians, the apartment of the silk trader (al-qazzāz), upper storey and lower storey of Bahrām and Sulaymān, the ‘big market’ and several shops (dukkān). On both sides of the leaf there is also unidentified Arabic script. F. 1v: in a different hand, list of ‘the business of our master’; with receipts from the Christian tax collector, expenditures and prices. (Information from CUDL)

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