Letter: T-S AS 56.106

Letter T-S AS 56.106



Letter/report in Judaeo-Arabic. Written in a formal layout, with slightly widened space between the lines. This is the lower left corner of what must have been a much larger fragment. It is describing the plight of a miserable group of people, including possibly pregnant women (though this phrase is not clear), old women (ʿajāʾiz), people in need of food and clothing, people afflicted by the cold and diseases, some of whom need medicine and some of whom need shrouds, coffins, and graves. The sender is apparently working on their behalf. There are some similar letters (e.g. T-S 10J5.6 + T-S 20.113) from ca. 1100 concerning refugees from the Crusades; this might be connected, or it might be from some other period of crisis.

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