Letter: T-S AS 155.144

Letter T-S AS 155.144


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Recto: Business letter in Judaeo-Arabic. Written in unusual blocky characters. Mentions names such as [...]n b. Ṭayyib; Abū Zikrī Yaḥyā(?); and Abū Yaʿqūb b. al-BL[...]. Mentions various quantities of commodities including chebulic myrobalan, clove, and Indian laurel; the sender has asked Abū Zikrī to help the addressee in selling these. He has also sent a qārūra of musk, and six(?) pairs of shoes ([sit]ta azwāj madāsāt). The Arabic marginalia looks like it's on a separate sheet that was stuck here. Verso is also a letter in Judaeo-Arabic, in a different hand, but too faded/damaged to read. (Information in part from CUDL)

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